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Ashstead away ESL + Ladies friendly


August 12, 2023    
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Ashtead is really looking forward to welcoming us on Saturday at 2 pm.

They tell us parking can be a bit tricky, especially when there’s a cricket match on – There are only 6 spaces marked for bowls club use only in the car park by the cricket pitch.

We can park in Woodfield Lane itself at the weekend, though it can get a bit busy. There are parking spaces in the Flying Start nursery just over the way from the cricket pitch/bowls green … bear in mind that wherever you do choose to park, as for most places we all go to with our cars, it is at your own liability.

A map is attached indicating the various places mentioned plus 2 nearby streets where parking may be possible if all else fails.

snag 48ae52

When there is cricket on

Another thing for when there’s a cricket match on a bit like our bowls etiquette requiring no movement behind the head, we’re asked not to walk behind the bowler’s arm during his over. And as pedestrian access to our club is behind one of the sight screens we need to take particular care to observe the injunction not to walk if the bowler is operating from the end nearest to the foot-path .… there is a reminder board but probably worth flagging up to your members in advance, please.

Thanks very much for helping us with this and supporting the excellent relations we enjoy with the Cricket Club.


Ashstead Bowling Club (KT21 2BP)