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Bowls Surrey Forum 2023 – have your say


Dear Member

As we near the end of the affiliation period, I thought it important to let you know of important dates that are coming up.

As you know at the AGM in November, Bowls Surrey was given a mandate to work on unifying the county with effect from 2024.

With this in mind, a working party has been formed made up of six men and six women from the Councils/Executives of both, delegates and members.

They have started work on the process and we would like to invite you, your club members to come to a forum to see a presentation on how we are doing and to give your own input as to whether we are on the right track. There will also be a guide through the new website including club match and competition systems, ULEZ and the affect it will have on clubs both inside and outside the Zone and one or two other things.

The dates are:

Sunday 2 April at 11am at Southey BC
Monday 3 April at 7 pm at Wey Valley BC and finally
Wednesday 5 April at 7pm at Doynings BC

We are often asked, especially by new bowlers what do the County do and why do we pay affiliation fees? Hopefully, this presentation will help to answer the question. Times are changing and we want to ensure that you, the membership, have an input in this process. Finally, we would encourage as many people as possible to attend the meetings.

Please let me know if you, or any members of your club intend to come to the meetings and if so which one.

Sheron Mitchell
Bowls Surrey
(M) 07729 022091